About Us

The PCHRD Scholars' Society


The DOST-PCHRD Scholarship Program is a major strategy to develop critical mass of health researchers in the country.  For 30 years, PCHRD has produced around 300 graduates in medical and allied health disciples.

The PCHRD Scholars Society (PSS) was organized in February 7, 2007 and formally launched in March 17, 2007 during the PCHRD’s 25th Anniversary Celebration. The Society’s aim is to promote research productivity among the new graduates and provide a forum for the PCHRD Scholars to exchange health research information and to develop networking and partnerships.



We are committed to become the powerhouse of health researchers in the country



We are composed of PCHRD Scholars who partners primarily with PCHRD in developing human resources for health research through capacity building and creating enabling environment for career in research. This can be achieved by education and training, mentoring, collaboration research and strengthening linkage.


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