The Philippine Council for Health and Research Development Scholars' Society (PSS) called for an Organizational and Planning Meeting on May 8, 2014 at the Conference Room, College of Nursing, University of the Philippines, Manila. The meeting was primarily conducted to organize the Research, Capability and Membership Committees and identify the society's upcoming activities.

The activity officially commenced with the inspiring remarks of the President, Dr. Josefina Tuazon, where she explained the need to firm up the upcoming activities of the Society; see who will work; and how to interface and plan activities based from the initial output of the previously conducted strategic planning.

Ms. Carina L. Rebulanan, Chief of the Institution Development Division of PCHRD, presented the history and general discussions of the PSS. She also encouraged the members to be actively involved in the programs of the council both as an evaluators, and as mentors.

The Strategic Plan 2013-2015 with its objectives and plan of activities was reported by Dr. Rommel Salazar, Vice President of the PSS. He also highlighted the mentorship program and the membership database as some of the notable accomplishments of the Society. Dr. Tuazon further promoted the newly launched PSS website to facilitate communication and organization of the members.

The following are the scope of work and initial plan of activities developed per committee:

Membership Committee

  1. Tap network of PSS members
  2. Develop active membership participation through research consortia
  3. Identify institution with PSS member to be the point person
  4. Involve and assign members in PSS, PCHRD and DOST programs and activities
  5. Encourage research collaboration among PSS members
  6. Review the Constitution and By-laws on Membership

Research Committee:

  1. Identify research background/area of PSS members through survey
  2.  Establish pool of experts per discipline
  3. Identify weak areas for improvement
  4. Identify research funding
  5. Identify completed thesis and dissertation for publication
  6. Explore possible collaborative research through PSS

Capability Building Committee:

  1. Conduct Training Needs Assessment (TNA) among members
  2. Identify training topics and type of training (seminar, workshop, discussion forum, etc)
  3. Disseminate information on available trainings


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